They Came From Verminest


Battle the giant insects of Verminest


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They Came From Verminest is a traditional spaceship arcade game that, due to its graphics and gameplay, looks like it was developed 20 or so years ago. It heavily draws on Galaga, which becomes quite evident from the moment you start playing.

The player controls a spaceship at the bottom of the screen and your goal is to destroy all the alien enemies that constantly appear at the top. Of course, it won’t be an easy task, because there are a lot of them and they're very aggressive.

They Came From Verminest rewards skill in a very special way. If you take risks and kill your enemies from a short distance you’ll get more points and medals.

Sound- and graphic-wise, the game pays homage to the classics – not only through the graphics in grayscale, but also with the soundtrack that has a lovely retro feel to it.

They Came From Verminest is a wonderful spaceship arcade game with an addictive gameplay and devilishly difficult levels that will keep you hooked with their tremendous playability.
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